Vaccine Facts and Policy Data

The data for the Vaccine Facts and Policy Project are divided into five major topic areas including: demographics and rates, fiscal environment, law and policy, strategies and initiatives, and the structure of immunization programs. Each major topic area is subdivided into areas that allow the user to customize their queries in order to locate information on specific immunization law and policy topics, including, but not limited to: correctional facilities, coverage rates, healthcare personnel, immunization information systems, Medicaid, school entry requirements, and standing orders.

The data that appear on the Vaccine Facts and Policy website were collected through:

  1. National sources
  2. Surveys conducted by AIM and AIM partners
  3. Law review projects undertaken by researchers at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University (GW)

GW researchers used standard legal databases and surveys to obtain the data that appear on this site. Each data point is displayed with a citation that allows users to attribute the material to the original source material.